Ondalinda is centered at the intersection of music, art, culture, sustainability, and place. We focus on the merger of each of these elements to create something truly special and unique. Our Ondalinda x Careyes edition celebrates the magic of Mexico honoring each of these components. This edition plays into the natural wonder of Careyes allowing guests to experience all that this spectacular location has to offer. From it’s stunning properties, private coastline, delicious restaurants, and natural wonders, guests are encouraged to explore throughout the event.


Our 2018 theme was Alebrijes and Spirit Animals, a story which was tied into each day’s celebration. Shamans from around the world have looked towards the wisdom, guidance, and symbolism of spirit animals for thousands of years. Alebrijes derive their meaning from Zapotec cosmology where according to the sacred Zapotec calendars, we all have a tona - an animal that accompanies us throughout our lives. It is believed that this companion influences and shapes the very core of our personality as we organically adopt and acquire the character of that specific animal we’ve been assigned at birth.  In Zapotec culture, their beliefs are rooted in destiny and manifestation and it is the union of the animal with the human where this merging of personalities takes place.


Throughout this year’s celebration, we encouraged guests to explore the different animals that encompassed each night's theme and to connect with their inner spirit animal as we journeyed together throughout each day.


Learn more about our 2018 edition below...

Wednesday NIGHT


Opening Reception at Playa Rosa Beach Club | 7 PM - 2 AM

Theme: Coquillages & Crustacés (Sea & Shells)
Dress: Beachy Chic

Welcome cocktails provided by Veuve Clicquot and dinner will be served at Playa Rosa Beach Club as we gather for our opening celebration. Following dinner, we will be hosting rising star, Victory, to open the event with a live vocal performance. Signed to ROCNATION, her music has been compared to the likes of Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone with sounds rooted deeply in jazz. After her performance, KMLN will keep us dancing with an uplifting DJ set, setting the tone for the days ahead.




Ceremonial Celebrations on Teopa Beach | 9 PM - 4 AM

Theme: The Deer
Dress: Tribal chic. We recommend boots or close-toed shoes that are comfortable in the sand.

Following the Official Ondalinda Opening Ceremony (6 PM to 8 PM at the Plaza), we will come together on the wild beaches of Teopa for a very unique spiritual journey. This evening will be inspired by the Deer, which for many indigenous tribes is one of the most sacred animals, representing spiritual guidance and mysticism. Fire reds, vibrant oranges, and luminous yellows will set the tone for the evening, lighting the way for this celebration.

Thursday evening will hold a ceremonial space outlined by candles shaped as the Chakana symbol; a universal symbol of wholeness. Each point, representing one of the 4 cardinal directions and one of the 4 elements of nature, will have a tent that will host a ceremony or ancient tradition sacred to Mexican culture.


Earth Tent

Water Tent

Wind Tent

Fire Tent


Water & Cacao

Rapé & Sound

Copal & Feather

We will honor Mother Earth with
offerings of seeds, fruits, flowers and
prayers. Participants will create a mandala
with the offerings.

We will be honoring Water and Cacao with
sons and prayers. Participants will receive
a Huichol Limpia cleansing and personal

We will share the medicine of Rapé - freeing
and opening the mind with a sound bath
leading to an inner journey.

We will be guided with prayers, ancestral
songs with drumming, native instruments,
and cleansing with copal and feathers. Fire
will purify by opening the connection with
the spirit.

Over the ceremonies a delicious paella dinner and mezcal provided by Mezcal Creyente, will be served at Casa de Nada. After, we’ll enjoy a live performance by Nick Barbachano Danit as well as a DJ set by Oceanvs Orientalis.




Candle White Party at The Polo Fields | 9 PM - 5 AM

Theme: The Hummingbird
Dress: All White, LED Lights, and Glow in the Dark Elements

Friday night is one of our most enchanting and spellbinding evenings. Guests will enter through 10,000 sparkling candles all outlining the figure of the Milky Way galaxy. According to the Big Bang Theory, the universe, our origin, was born from a black hole, also known as a singularity. A singularity is a zero point, a spot with no space and time, representing pure eternity. The zero point of our galaxy will host a transformative, eye-opening contemporary dance performance representing the origin of our existence, the development of human consciousness, and the universal oneness amongst all beings.

The theme for this evening is Colibrí, Spanish for Hummingbird. This sacred and mystical bird symbolizes courage, beauty, healing, and is regarded as a bringer of joy. These animals represent infinity, eternity, and continuity. According to the Mayans, Hummingbirds were also messengers from the cosmos. Our performers, accompanied by three live musicians, will emulate these galactic Hummingbirds to deliver a symbolic message and a magnetically captivating performance.

On Friday evening, come dressed in all white with LED and glow in the dark elements, and join us as we celebrate in this cosmic realm. An Asado-style dinner, with roasted vegetables and meats, will be served alongside Terrazas de los Andes red and white wines. Live performances by Kerala Dust and Sainte Vie as well as a DJ set by Viken Arman.




Spirit Animals & Alebrijes at Teopa La Cabeza Del Indio | 10:30 PM - 6 AM

Theme: Eagle’s Nest
Dress: Spirit Animal. On this night, we recommend boots or shoes that you will be comfortable with in the sand.

Saturday night is the culmination of our event. The theme for this night is the Eagle’s Nest, where we will represent three of the most sacred birds in indigenous culture. Eagles are seen as the kings of the sky and symbolize freedom, intuition, strength, and inspiration. We will also represent the Owl, a bird of wisdom and vision. Owls are all-knowing creatures and keepers of ancient knowledge. The third bird will be the Quetzal, one of the most stunning birds in the world due to their enchanting colors, delicate feathers, and regal tail.

We encourage you to come dressed as your spirit animal, setting the tone for this “wild” celebration. The stage, sound system, and lighting is designed and provided by the Mayan Warrior, widely known for having one of the best productions in the world. Music by CrussenEsquivel, GoldcapKon, and Miguel Migs, who will keep us dancing all night underneath millions of stars and laser beams. Traditional Mexican food will be served.




Daytime Experiences at Playa Rosa and El Careyes Club & Residences Beach Clubs

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Each day, from afternoon through sunset, we will be hosting a beach club experience at both Playa Rosa Beach Club and the newly opened, El Careyes Club & Residences. Join us here for wellness programming, water activities, beachfront dining, a pop-up shopping experience, and a daytime beach party.

Playa Rosa Beach Club 
featuring music by Crussen & Goldcap

FRIDAY (brought to you by Stella Artois)
El Careyes Club & Residences featuring music by Marty & Kon

Playa Rosa Beach Club 
featuring music by Mandrake

Curated Pop-Up Shop featuring collections by some of our favorite Mexican designers: Alejandra Raw, Anima Heartwear, Daniela Bustos Maya, Denisse Kuri, Duo de Mar, Temple, Nomadic, Sophie Simon Designs, and Tiarimx.

Oaxacan Artisan Market featuring handmade crafts, Alebrijes, Barro Negro, Telares and Bordados.


We will close Friday and Saturday’s daytime experience with a Sunset Ceremony from 5 PM to 6:30 PM. Katy May Spencer will lead us on a journey through breath as Caleb Spaulding and Daniel Pardo guide us with sound. The ceremony will close with a meditation led by Ryan Weiss. Hosted on Friday at El Careyes Club & Residences and on Saturday at Playa Rosa Beach Club, join us for a centering experience that will leave you feeling awakened to the beauty of nature and the gratitude of being alive.