During this year’s event, Ondalinda will share the art & culture of Oaxaca, a region that extraordinarily unique and rich in terms of its indigenous culture, cuisine, and arts. In partnership with the Instituto Oaxaqueño de las Artesanias, and in an exclusive collaboration with some of the most talented artists of México, Ondalinda will bring together an exceptional display of artisans’ crafts work at this year's event.

Our gallery exhibition this year, “Tonas – Nahuales, Fusión de Mundos,” will exhibit exclusive master pieces brought together from some of the most renowned Oaxacan artists, including Sergio HernandezAmador Montes, Alejandro Filio, and up-and-coming artists, Sabino Guisu, and el colectivo “LaPiztola.” At this third edition, we will also feature a collection of fine crafts from Oaxaca, revisiting the roads of the amazing native cultures. From the “Barro Negro” of San Bartolo Coyotepec, to the towns of the original “Alebrijes” of Tilcajete and Arrazola, to the exceptional “Telares and Bordados” works of Jalieza and Mitla.

In Mexican culture, the nahual or alebrijes are fantastical creatures that are often portrayed as animals with human characteristics. Alebrijes are created with different types of papier-mâché or wood which are carved and painted with cheerful and vibrant colors - often featuring jaguars, tigers, sirens, cats and nahuales. Although today, alebrijes can be elaborated with many different techniques, they are mainly created through wood carving, a knowledge and craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation. By some, these creatures are considered a protector that defines your personality depending on the year and day you were born. 

The Mexican state of Oaxaca is located along the Pacific Ocean in the southeastern region of the country. Considered one of the most culturally rich and diverse states in Mexico, Oaxaca is characterized by extreme geographic fragmentation, with large mountain ranges running throughout the state. Because of this, individual towns and indigenous groups have lived in isolation for many years, allowing for 16 separate cultures to maintain their individual languages, customs and ancestral traditions. For this reason, Oaxaca is the most ethically complex of Mexico’s 31 states with the Zapotec and Mixtec peoples making up the largest indigenous populations.

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The Ondalinda Foundation

Ondalinda was founded with the mission of celebrating the vibrant and modern indigenous cultures from around the world through music, art, culinary delights, spiritual ceremonies and sustainability. Our non-profit arm, The Ondalinda Foundation (under the Umbrella of the Many Hats Institute, a registered 501C-3 nonprofit organization), assists indigenous communities throughout Mexico in preserving their cultural heritage and cultivating a new generation of interdisciplinary artists. A portion of the proceeds from sales generated through the art exhibitions at the annual Ondalinda x Careyes events go towards supporting indigenous communities from throughout Mexico including the Huichol and Purépecha peoples. The funds generated have enabled these communities to invest in basic infrastructure and resources, educating and raising awareness for their causes, and achieving sustainability on a long-term basis.

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Members of the Ondalinda team in Takei Kei visiting the Huichol community that was supported  through our Ondalinda x Careyes 2016 edition.

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In 2017, at our second edition of Ondalinda x Careyes, The Ondalinda Foundation presented, "Las Rutas de Nana Echeri"  (The Roads of Mother Earth). This exclusive Purépecha art collection, gathered multi-disciplinary master pieces by several artists from the indigenous communities of Michoacán.  Most of the art pieces collected reflected the essence of the traditional Purépecha culture as well as the evolving contemporary art inspired by the aspect of a new generation of indigenous artists. Using techniques of hyperrealism mixed with abstract concepts, their art reflects mainly the preservation of their indigenous roots and culture. For the first time, Ondalinda had the privilege to display an exclusive collection of art work from this new generation of artists merged with classic master pieces.  

Through our 2017 edition, the Purépecha community received over 200,000 pesos through the sales of their artwork. These funds have allowed them to invest directly in the development of their communities, including educational programs, culture & art workshop for children, as well as a massive reforestation of their environment which has been illegally drilled throughout the years.

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In 2016, at our inaugural edition, we showcased “NAVEGANTES DEL SUEÑO,” an exclusive collection of Wixarika (Huichol) art that gathered unprecedentedworks, reflecting the cosmovision of this mystic community. For the first time, authentic Huichol masterpieces were exhibited at Ondalinda, including works by some of the most esteemed Huichol artists. Thanks to your generous support, we sold over 85% of the exhibited works, resulting in over 300,000 pesos in sales. The money raised had a direct and highly effective impact on their communities. The Ondalinda Foundation was also able to target social and cultural impact as the Huichols had an opportunity to share and promote their culture and traditions on a worldwide level throughout the event.


At our Inaugural edition, Ondalinda was honored to support the mission and efforts of the Conservación Humana AC. For over 20 years, they have been working together with the Huichol in the mapping, analysis and description of the Huichol Route to Huiricuta in order to ensure its greatest recognition and legal protection. This Mexican, independent and non-profit organization, works to implement a variety of initiatives ensuring the fundamental human rights of the Huichol people, including their right to natural resources management, sustainable development, environmental conservation and cultural heritage preservation. 

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The ?! Careyes Foundation catalyzes innovative programs in education, sports, ecology, and the arts to improve the wellbeing of local communities.

  • English Lessons Program, delivering weekly classes to 1,200 children in eleven local elementary schools

  • Sports & Recreation Programs, organizing weekend bicycle rides and providing weekly bike polo lessons

  • Art Programs, exposing children to arts education through workshops with internationally-renown artists

  • Cinema & Community Program, presenting fun and educational screenings for children in our movie theater

  • Ecology Programs, protecting 2,000 sea turtle nests each year and providing hands-on ecology education for children


By providing a holistic range of services while focusing on community engagement and collaboration in the ten villages surrounding Careyes, these programs offer a bright future for the local children and their families.