Ondalinda is centered at the intersection of music, art, culture, sustainability, and place. We focus on the merger of each of these elements to create something truly special and unique. Our Ondalinda x Careyes edition celebrates the magic of Mexico honoring each of these components. This edition plays into the natural wonder of Careyes allowing guests to experience all that this spectacular location has to offer. From it’s stunning properties, private coastline, delicious restaurants, and natural wonders, guests are encouraged to explore throughout the event.


Our theme this year is Alebrijes or Spirit Animals, a story which will be tied into each day’s celebration. Shamans around the world have looked towards the wisdom, guidance, and symbolism of spirit animals for thousands of years. Alebrijes derive their meaning from Zapotec cosmology where according to the sacred Zapotec calendar, we all have a tona - an animal that accompanies us throughout our lives. It is believed that this companion influences and shapes the very core of our personality as we organically adopt and acquire the character of that specific animal we’ve been assigned at birth.  In Zapotec culture, their beliefs are rooted in destiny and manifestation and it is the union of the animal with the human where this merging of personalities takes place.


Throughout this year’s celebration, we will encourage guests to explore the different animals that will encompass each night's theme and connect with their inner spirit animal guide as we journey together throughout each day.


Learn more about our 2018 edition below...

Wednesday NIGHT


Coquillages & Crustacés | PLAYA ROSA BEACH CLUB

For our opening celebration, we will welcome guests at the gorgeous Playa Rosa Beach Club. Following registration, guests will be able to enjoy cocktails and food on the serene and beautiful beaches of Playa Rosa. Our theme this evening is Sea & Shells featuring orange and pink decor that will enchant and welcome guests. We will feature live music by Victory, an artist rooted in jazz tradition. Signed to Roc Nation, her music is a fusion between Soul and Folk, with her own youthful interpretation of sound that influences her artistic expressions. Following her performance, KMLN will keep us dancing with an uplifting DJ set, setting the tone for the days ahead.




Ceremonial Celebrations | TEOPA BEACH

On Thursday evening, we will gather guests at the wild beaches of Teopa for a very unique spiritual journey and celebration. Thursday evening will hold a ceremonial space outlined by candles shaped as the Chakana symbol; a universal symbol of wholeness. Each point, representing one of the 4 cardinal directions and one of the four elements of nature, will have a tent that will host a ceremony or ancient tradition sacred to Mexican culture. From a Huichol limpia session to a heart opening cacao ceremony, each of these four journeys will deliver its own transformative experience and enchanting voyage. This evening will be inspired by the deer, which for many indigenous tribes is one of the most sacred and spiritual animals, representing spiritual guidance and mysticism. Fire reds, vibrant oranges, and luminous yellows will set the tone for the evening, lighting the way for this journey. Proceeding dinner at Casa Do Nada, one of Careyes’ most favored restaurants, guests will follow a tiki lit path, entering a world of ceremony and transformation. With a live performance by Nick & Danit as well as a DJ set by Oceanvs Orientalis, guests will make their way to the dance floor and will celebrate under the stars.




Candle White Party | THE POLO CLUB FIELDS

Friday night is one of our most enchanting and spellbinding evenings. Here, guests are asked to dress in all white, and are greeted on the Polo grounds as they walk through a field lit with 10,000 candles in the design of a galaxy. According to the Big Bang Theory, the universe, our origin, was born from a black hole, also known as a singularity. A singularity is a zero point, a spot with no space and time, representing pure eternity. At the center of our galaxy will lie an atomic nucleus, something that each organism shares, communicating a symbol of unity and oneness for the evening. As guests enter this galaxy, magnetic and enthralling performance acts will await, greeting you as you enter a world filled with laser beams and black lit magic. The theme for this evening is Colibri, Spanish for hummingbird. This sacred and mystical bird symbolizes courage, beauty, and healing, and are known as bringers of joy. They represent infinity, eternity, and continuity. According to the Mayans, hummingbirds were also messengers from the cosmos and other belief systems through of them as messengers from the angels. This year, we will create a transformative performance demonstrating the hummingbird’s core qualities and some additional concepts related to the birds’ symbolisms. On Friday evening, join us as we celebrate in this alternate realm and will gather for a night of MAGIC and celebration, around music by Kerala Dust, Viken Arman, and Sainte Vie - some of today’s most esteemed live acts.




Spirit Animals & Alebrijes | TEOPA LA CABEZA DEL INDIO

Saturday night is the culmination of the previous three evenings, where guests gather through sunrise for one final celebration. The theme for this night is the Eagle’s Nest, where we will represent a few of the most sacred animals in indigenous culture. Guests will be encouraged to dress as their spirit animal, setting the tone for this “wild” celebration. The sound and lighting system will be designed and provided by the legendary Mayan Warrior team, widely noted for having one of the best productions in the world. Here, we will bring together several of today’s most celebrated electronic artists who will keep us dancing underneath millions of stars and laser beams, somewhere between the infamous Careyes cliff and Teopa waters…





Throughout the event, Ondalinda will be hosting a beach club experience at Playa Rosa and El Careyes Club & Residences' Beach Clubs. Each afternoon through sunset, guests will be able to take part in an array of water activities including paddle boarding, snorkeling, and volcanic clay and water healing ceremonies (see more on our wellness page). Guests will also be able to enjoy massages on the beach, a swim in the sea or in one of El Careyes’ 5 infinity pools, as well as a dining experience at the club’s seaside restaurants. Here, we will host our fashion pop-up, a shopping experience featuring an array of Mexican designers and artisans who will be selling their crafts. Vibrant and soulful music will be playing throughout the day to set the vibe and keep the celebration awakened.

We will close Friday and Saturday’s beach club experience as the sun sets with a breath work and drum experience for those who wish to enjoy. Before the night’s celebrations begin, what better way to prepare ourselves than to open our hearts and minds to the beauty of our inner nature. At our sunset ceremony - hosted on Friday at El Careyes Club & Residences and on Saturday at Playa Rosa - we will use breath, rhythm, and attention, woven together for a centering experience. Katy May Spencer will lead us on a journey through breath as Caleb Spaulding guides us with drumming and dance. The ceremony will close with a guided meditation led by Ryan Weiss. You will leave feeling awakened to the gratitude of being alive.