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Ondalinda means a beautiful wave and represents a new way of life - a new way for people to connect spiritually, elevate their frequency and co-create their future. 


We produce high-vibration MAGS events - Music | Art | Good | Sustainability - around the world to promote this way of living. From music with live bands, ceremonial sounds or famous DJs, to indigenous art, craftsmanship or modern painters, Ondalinda celebrates the arts in all its forms. Ondalinda MAGS events also encompasses ceremonial and spiritual experiences for both body and mind through yoga, meditation and indigenous spiritual ceremonies. 


Ondalinda has a media arm that creates an array of content from documentaries to music and art to celebrate and promote these ideas and bond the community together around its values.


We believe in the importance of art, community, heritage, sustainability, ritual, and connectivity to inspire humankind and reestablish systems that unite us, rather than separate us. As we are learning every day, the current “win-win” model of commerce that has shaped our world is not a sustainable business practice. By focusing only on the exchange of “buy and sell”, we neglect a third exchange - giving back. This is in fact the very element that brings us together and makes the world a more peaceful and harmonious place for us to live.


Our non-profit arm, The Ondalinda Foundation (under the Umbrella of the Many Hats Institute, a registered 501C-3 nonprofit organization), assists indigenous communities in preserving their cultural heritage and cultivating a new generation of interdisciplinary artists and supports different cultural & social projects around the world.


A portion of the proceeds from sales generated through the art exhibitions at the annual Ondalinda x Careyes event go towards supporting indigenous communities from throughout Mexico including the Huichol and Purépecha peoples. The funds generated have enabled these communities to invest in basic infrastructure and resources, educating and raising awareness for their causes, and helping them achieve sustainability on a long-term basis.


After a first intimate art & music gathering in Cub*a La Havan*a in 2015, Ondalinda has expanded to Mexico, hosting two events throughout 2016 & 2017 and will be expanding in other countries soon. Our Ondalinda x Careyes edition celebrates and promotes the vibrant Mexican culture in one of the most breathtaking landscapes, Careyes, Mexico.


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If you're an artist and are interested in collaborating with us at Ondalinda, we'd love for you to reach out and tell us more. 


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